About Us

class of 1990 group

The Class of 1990 was formed to promote, foster and maintain links between the 1990 set Forum and FGC Idoani, and to afford an accredited medium for the expression of sentiments of the alumni as a unit.

To promote the interests of FGC Idoani and to aid infrastructural development and to encourage members of the Forum to take an active interest in events leading to the development of FGC Idoani.

To facilitate and support meetings, friendship and relationships between the Forum’s members, to collaborate with other like-minded groups and progressives with a view of achieving point above.

Membership of the Forum

  • All graduates of 1990 of FGC Idoani are automatic members.
  • All those that though joined the 1990 set at some point through the academic years but then transferred to some other schools before 1990
  • All those that previously was of a set ahead of the 1990 set, but by virtue of them repeating a class joined the 1990 set
  • All those that were original of 1990 set but repeated a year as such not graduating with the 1990 set.